Windows Vista Activation Error

Today I was attempting to create a "base image" on a Dell desktop PC, which would be copied to a number of other computers on the school network. These computers are brand new Core 2 Duo systems which will have Windows Vista and Office 2007 installed.

The installation had been completed a few days ago by my co-worker. When I started the computer to check on it, I was rudely informed that "This copy of Windows is not genuine". Now, this is a state technical college with 5000 licenses for Windows Vista Enterprise. Obviously something was wrong. I was able to re-activate Windows, but it still told me that I was a pirate.

Solution: Reinstall Windows with the original key.

That worked fine. Then I ran updates, etc. Then I went to activate again. Oops. Error 0x8007232B "DNS name does not exist."

Solution pt.2: I changed the key (under computer properties) and reactivated Windows.

Yes! It worked, for now.

This problem has been known for a while. If you have a Volume License for Vista, this might help!

Here is where I found the solution: