DIY Datacenter

Recently I acquired a couple of servers and decided to put together a miniature datacenter. Really it doesn't even qualify as a server room, since it just occupies a corner of my basement.

The bottom server is an old Compaq ProLiant 5500, with dual Pentium II Xeon CPUs and 1 GB of RAM. The disk drives are 9 GB each, with two mirrored for the OS (Windows Server 2003) and the other four in a RAID 5 configuration.

On top of that is a slightly newer 1U HP ProLiant DL360 G3, which has dual Xeon 3.06 GHz CPUs, 3 GB RAM, and a pair of 73 GB hard drives running Server 2008. I purchased it from Aventis Systems in Marietta, GA for $99 + tax.

Next up are a Cisco 2611XM router and 2950 switch, both of which I bought off of eBay last year. I also purchased an APC 1300 VA battery backup.

All of this connects to my home DSL connection. Since I have dynamic IP, I use a dynamic DNS service to make services accessible from anywhere. Right now the old 5500 is configured as a VPN and web server. I'm using it as a development machine for ASP.NET and PHP. I had some trouble with .NET performance, so I wrote a program that requests the default page every five minutes. This keeps IIS alive and allows response times of less than 1 sec.

Not sure what I'm going to do with the new server yet. I may use it to test out SharePoint.